Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anchor Text Optimization

The visible hyperlinked text on the page, the words which are hyper linked to the hidden urls are called Anchor Text Optimization. Most of all this kind of pattern usage has been applied in search engine algorithms to raise the relevance of the "target" or the "landing page" URL for the keywords appearing within the Anchor Text Optimization.

So the inclusion of important keywords in the Anchor Text can make a big difference in the final ranking of your site pages. All search engines that matter, give significant weight to the anchor text on your pages. Google considers Anchor Text Optimization an important pointer to page relevance. Anchor Text Optimization enhances your website's ranking by using the right keywords in Anchor Text Optimization. In fact Google even has a special operator: "allinanchor:keyword", which picks up text only from within the Anchor Text Optimization of indexed pages.

When linking to internal pages, it is better to use the format:
Read all about Anchor Text Optimization Optimization.
Instead of
Read all about Anchor Text Optimization Optimization here.

Keywords within the Anchor Text Optimization are equally useful from links pointing to your website. If you are pursuing or considering a link building campaign, put some serious thought in writing multiple options of the title and description of the link pointing to your website.
The "title" which is usually used as the hyper-linked text, should contain your important keywords. It is good to work with ten different options of title and description as it not only gives you more room to play with several keywords, but it also helps search engines give you a wider keyword coverage.
When soliciting external links, it is better to provide your own "cut and paste" HTML code. Webmasters like it when a ready to paste HTML code is available for them to use, to provide a link to your website.
Links from external sites help your site to gain relevance for keywords mentioned in the Anchor Text Optimization which boosts your site's ranking. As the number of such inbound links increase, so will your site's ranking in SERPs.
Anchor Text Optimization therefore comes on top of the checklist in your SEO initiatives.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update meta tags and blog post url

Having a blog is not important, maintaining and managing your blog, and getting good traffic creates matter. If you use blogger like I do, you should update your Meta tags once in a month. I know sometimes we feel lazy and just let it as it is... I agree that a search engine does not consider Meta keywords tag in ranking calculations and it’s never seen by visitors, but don’t forgot the Meta description tag is visible beneath listings in SERPs.

Your title tags plays a vital role when it comes to Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) so insert some targeted keyword in title tags. It is true that Google does rank dynamic urls as long as you don’t have too many parameters and your parameters don’t look like session variables.

Keyword specific domains and sub domains rank high in search engine algorithm. Search engines look for keywords because of this the keyword in the url suggests that the site contents are related to the keyword. Even visitors like to click the link that contains relevant keywords when they look search results. If suppose you have chosen some other keyword, like I used my name in my blog url so we have other option like BLOG POST URL. Just keep in mind and ensure that keywords should appear in each and every post.

I find some tricks to get good organic search result.

Under Settings -> Archiving, if you have selected “Yes” to “Enable Post Pages”, each of your posts will have a unique web page. Blogger automatically generates the Post URL based on the Title of the Post. The title follows a fixed format:-


There is a limit to the number of characters in the URL. Let's assume you have written a Post about Optimising your website or blog and happily called it “How to optimize your blog and website in easy and seo friendly way.”

Once the Post is published, the Post URL may look like this:-


Based on what we said about SEO, you may get hits from people who want to find out about optimising a website. This is vastly different from your intended visitor profile. One way to get around it is to give the Blog Post a Title that contains the necessary keywords. For instance, name it “Seo Friendly Website and Tips.” Publish your Post and the Post URL will be something like:-


After the Post is published, go back to edit the Post and change the title. You can have a fanciful and yet relevant Post Title. Republish your Post. Even though the Title is changed, the Post URL will remain the same. However, the title that appears in the feed and search engine index will be the new edited title. In a way, you have the best of worlds, a title that you like and a Post URL that contains the keywords for search engine optimization.
That and a good backlink campaign is all you need.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Social Networking Community

After a long break, i got little bit time to update myself, this time found few interesting websites. Information about powerful tool from Web 2.0 websites. 6 websites I found for you here we go.!!!


The main advantage of this website is that we can spread our link on 29 of the best social bookmarking sites in fewer than 15 minutes! It helps those who don’t have time or new to social media promotions.
Like all we know social media websites helps us to get a lot of backlinks and traffics.


DealThinker.com is really a community driven site or can say a digg-clone site for finding popular deals…They were relying on us to submit and vote on good deals. They want us to provide an easy way for us to share the deal that we find.


Want to view your mails and social networking messages in one convenient location. That should be easy and secure right?
Fuser.com is the coolest way to unify your mail from multiple accounts, Email management tool. Most people have multiple accounts with too many logins, too many conflicting interfaces and too little time to check them all. All of this is making it harder to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers. Fuser can help you solve this issue.


ContainU is a Wiki, a website where visitors can add, remove and edit content. Even you can see your IP Address at top side of the homepage, that mean ContainU tracks your IP Address like wiki…so never think about spamming here…It's a tool for mass collaborative efforts. ContainU is an exchange platform enabling web surfers to trade information and opinions in a wide range of subjects. Everybody can express their opinion on People, Products, Business and current events.


ActionProfiles.com is an action/extreme sports social networking community. The website features user profiles with photos and video, product reviews, job boards, blogs and more. If you are into action sports, this site was made for you.


Social network application, Meet new people and more online with Zaplife.com.
Zaplife makes it fun and easy to stay in touch with friends and family as well as meeting new people. Offers simple-to-use interface so you can work with it and customize it to your liking. Express yourself and share your photos and thoughts with the people you meet. Connect with new people or reconnect with old friends and family members. Share with others or keep them private for your viewing pleasure only. It is free to use. Find contents by tags and see what other people are showing the Zaplife community. Check out blog section for more. See this and more stuff at zaplife.com.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Google's New META tag

It’s great news for all Search Engine Optimizer. Previously I discussed the Webpage removal tool, but that was for dead link/broken link. This is some how same but different with each other.
Got confused..? Will clear..!!!

Google’s a new META tag which allows us to put in the picture, when a page supposed to be removed from the main Google web search results: the aptly named unavailable_after tag.

For example, to specify that an HTML page should be removed from the search results after 3pm Eastern Standard Time on 25th August 2007; simply add the following tag to the first section of the page:

<META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="unavailable_after: 25-Aug-2007 15:00:00 EST">

This META tag is treated as a taking away request: it will take about a day after the removal date passes for the page to disappear from the search results. Google currently only support unavailable_after for Google web search results.

Starting of the post I told you that this update is different from the webpage removal tool because with the help of these tag we can remove the page from the Google web search but cant delete from there system. So for deleting the page we have to go thru Webmaster tool…

I have few doubt about on this update like instead of GoogleBot can we include other search engines name. I hope that option will also presented soon from all Search Engine’s.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Social Media Connecting People with Information

I found new website so thought to share my view. Its related to our blog I mean whenever you find something interesting or new on internet and want to add that to your blog/website then this is a great tool to use. Immediately gives you to update your blog with fresh content.

Now am going to show you the tips to promote your blogs/website, its very straightforward just create your user id and login to clipmarks.com. Now the main work starts you have to install one tool of clipmarks which help us to clip the content, video or image. There are two browsers where we can install one is Internet Explorer and the other one is Firefox, so choose. After installing it you can see the icon near to address bar.

Now the game starts just go to your website or where ever you want to try. I mean open one website or blogs and click the button right side of address bar, which will show one bar as you can see in orange color.

Now you mouse over to any content or image on the website/blog, which you want to clip and click the mouse button to select. You have just selected the content at this moment if you want to post in clipmarks then you need to save it or if you want to post in blog then click the blog button or else cancel it.

Make sure that all clip what you taking should be public because you’re going to add in global library of interesting things. Don’t forget to add tag or keywords.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Search engine optimizer tips to get high page rank

Focus on high quality back links, that mean back links from a high PR site than yours, site related to your blogs/website category, site with no bad neighborhood, check there age, check whether they having spammy title tags.

Now brush up the Meta tags. Don’t repeat keywords, use target relevant keywords. We can write the Meta tags in the settings I mean blogger users. Search Engine Optimization tools is there to search good relevant keywords.

ALT tags are also important so add ALT tags to each and every image but blogger user no need to worry by default it takes the ALT tags. Yesterday I was finding the way to put our own ALT tag title but couldn’t found any solution, so if anybody knows how to insert our own tags in ALT tags (I mean for blogger user) then please comment me.

I have seen people use to keep Blog Roll Links, In my opinion don’t keep blog roll links although if you want to keep then maintain a small list of blog roll.
Work on keyword, check the keyword density this will help you a lot.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Widget badge its so handy to promote

Now days I am not getting that much time, but here we go again with some new tips of social media promotion. Like I discussed previous about Widgets, its creation and promotion, I found that this tool drives a lots of traffic. So thought to utilize my Widgetbox, to drive traffic.

It’s again simple and easy to promote, only you need to have your own widgets tool. After creatin your own Widget, now what you need to do is click on the Installs On.

You could see at the end of this screen shot, then click to those icon or website where you want to put Widgets, like Typad, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook etc…I agree only few option’s are there to promote, but I think that works like anything to increase subscriptions and website traffic.

No need to worry, if you don’t have more option to promote your website. Here is the solution for that also; after login in to your account there is one banner or alert as i pasted below.

So click the promote option and add the Blidget (blog widget) to your website or blogs. In my opinion its very handy promotional widget badge to your site or blog which allows other to add your widgets on there website or blog.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Increase Your Traffic

Today am giving you information to increase your Website traffic. Really it’s a Great way to increase your website traffic and effortless also. What you need to do is to spend 5 minutes to Sign Up and Create a lens, People are making lenses on everything from "How to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans" to "Why You Should Hire Me" to "Top 10 Books That Changed My Life." And LOTS more.

What's your topic?

Wondering what is this lens and lenses..? Am not talking about lens which is a device that causes light to either converge and concentrate or to diverge. Here the lens is like Topic, theme or discussion…Squidoo.com, Yes this is the world's most popular site for people who want to build a page about their passions. Highlight books, blogs, vids, online shops, or just spread the word about stuff you love. Bonus: you raise money (for you or charity) at the same time! It's fast, free, and supereasy. read more

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digg story

Monday, July 9, 2007

Webpage removal request tool From Google

Having Dead Link/Broken Link…? And not finding any way to remove from Google Index…?

Then no need to worry now, yes Google introduced there Public Removal Tool which help us to remove the Dead Link. Dead link is a link which pointing to our website that is no longer available. For example if we click on a dead link, you’ll see 404 error page.

404 error pages comes if a certain page or file could not be found, This usually shown if an Internet address has been misspelled or the requested page has been moved or deleted. The 404 error is a specific error message defined by HTTP, but the layout of the returned page may vary.

If you find pages like this in Google's index, you can remove them by using our Public Removal Tool.

Thru this tool you can Remove outdated or missing webpages, Remove information or images, Report inappropriate content appearing in SafeSearch filtered results.

Now what you need to do is just go to Public Removal Tool link and sign in with your Gmail id, you can then remove three types of content, they include:-

1. Information or image that appears in the Google search results.

2. Outdated or "dead" link in the Google search results that returns a 404 not found error.

3. Inappropriate webpage or image that appears in our SafeSearch filtered results.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Google Testing On Video Ads

Now marketing strategy is moving towards to video ads. Video ads and sharing video about your business, it’s easy and helpful also to get traffic. As we know there's a lot going on in the world of video. Even Google is testing on video ads thru AdSence. “Click-to-play video ads: this content network option can see soon, Publisher can control videos, I mean when to play ads. As we know the traffic of YouTube is 50% higher then other video websites.

I agree that search engine are giving lots of traffic to this all video sites including YouTube but still users crowding towards Video sites. Lots of stuff people uploading and watching. Now the thing is to see when Google starts video ads, Will YouTube keep dominating over other video websites?

There are lots of average users those who just want to upload video to share it with some friends. These kinds of user like to go hassle free sites. For those users here are few video websites link…Have fun guys…

Eyespot, Google Video, Grouper, Jumpcut, Ourmedia, Revver, Videoegg, Vimeo, vSocial, YouTube

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Social Media Moving towards to Gender specific Websites….!!!

I found few sites which are gender specific, usually all Social media websites are uniform but here now things were changing can call a revolution in Social Media.

Social media tools were targeting women, I have seen few website which purely for women. I don’t know whether these website are good, but sounds good…Have a look to those websites :-

sk*rt :- it’s a social media ranking platform of pure goodness. A portal to find cool things, smart scoop, clever ideas, excellent products, exceptional information. All of it. And more. In other words, sk*rt is like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.

Sisterwoman :- Sisterwoman is a part of the largest community of girlfriends on the Internet. Sisterwoman is the place where real women come together everyday for advice, support and friendship.

Blogher:- It’s a building guide to women bloggers. In 20+ popular topics, you'll find lists of blogs by women and constantly updating guides to what's hot, written by our contributing editors.

iVillage:- At iVillage Connect, you can write a blog, join a group, meet new people, and share photos and videos. To get started with social networking, take a tour and get connected!

Capessa:- Capessa is a gathering place for women looking to change their lives -- from getting fit to finding love, changing careers to dealing with illness -- and to share the wisdom they have learned along the way. Explore the stories below and join the conversation on the Capessa blog.

Motherproof:- Motherproof.com is dedicated to providing women in general and mothers in particular with useful and entertaining new-car reviews. The site’s innovative reviews are straightforward and casual, written by the Mother Proof mom-reviewers from one woman to another.

ChickAdvisor:- is about helping you make better purchasing decisions on everything from electronics to electrolysis. Our members determine the hottest trends, the best local services, and the coolest products, and we deliver the location and purchase information to make getting what you want and need easier, faster, and more affordable.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Information on Widgets

A widget is a little mini-application that you can put into your blog or web page. Widgets are also known as modules, snippets, and plug-ins. Widgets can be written in HTML, but also in JavaScript, flash and other scripting languages that will be run when the page is called. You can put it on any blog or web page that you own.

This includes:
Your blog on Blogger, Typepad, or Wordpress.
• Your profile on MySpace.

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Widgets Promotion it’s so easy

Rrecently I found information about Widgets RSS feed promotion and the main thing is it’s so easy and simple.

1. Take your blog.
2. Make it into a widget.
3. Share it with the Widgetsphare.

Don’t you think it’s so easy..?

It is..!! Have a look to the below information:-

Log on to widgetbox and enter the URL of your site or blog. Then click the option below –Make my widget’. It’s very user friendly that even a layman can create widget.

After choosing layout, theme and display options, click the publish button at the top of right hand. Register for a new account, and you’ll get two types of codes –Javascript, and flash. Choose either or both of these and simply paste the codes in the widget section the blog.

Look at my RSS Feed Widget.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a software system used for content management.This includes computer files, image media, audio files, electronic documents and web content.Like you know a standard HTML website is static and fixed. Which means that to change any text and images, the page files that make up the site must be edited then uploaded to the web server. To do this you either have to be a web programmer or you have to hire one.

Here with a content management system, the content within the pages that make up the site is not pre-written into the pages, but pulled from an online database when a user requests a page. You have the ability to alter the content within the database at any time via an easy to use administration interface with your web browser. The logon to your administration uses a secure password therefore no one else can alter your website.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Optimize Your Title Tag

The title tag is an essential part of a web page and it is a short description of that page, and the most important keywords should go first. All pages should have a title tag and all title tags in your site should be unique. Don't repeat the same title tag for multiple documents. It should be inserted into the header of your web page and it looks like:

TITLE> XYZ Company Home Page TITLE>
(its just an sample, not the exact code)

Since this tag plays a vital role in determining your site's ranking in the SERPs, optimization in each page is necessary and pay a lot of attention to the words that appear in this tag and the order in which they appear. You need to develop a crisply worded title tag that includes your most relevant keyword phrases and performs the function of announcing the summary of your web page's content.

How to Optimize Title Tag ?

It is better to place your service or products in short descriptive sentences (60 characters recommended) in the title tag than your company/domain name. This is because most Internet users search for specific products or services, not company names. But if you strongly feel like placing your company name in your title tag, then place it at the end of this tag.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

What is PageRank?

“PageRank is only one of the methods Google uses to determine a page’s relevance or importance.” [PageRank Explained Correctly]

“Google uses many factors in ranking. Of these, the PageRank algorithm might be the best known. PageRank evaluates two things: how many links there are to a web page from other pages, and the quality of the linking sites. With PageRank, five or six high-quality links from websites such as www.cnn.com and www.nytimes.com would be valued much more highly than twice as many links from less reputable or established sites.” [Google Librarian Central]

“PageRank has only ever been an approximation of the quality of a web page and has never had anything to do with the measuring of the topical relevance of a web page. Topical relevance is measured with link context and on-page factors such as keyword density, title tag, and everything else.” [PageRank: An Essay]

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

How Does PageRank Work?

  1. PageRank is only one of numerous methods Google uses to determine a page’s relevance or importance.
  2. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Google looks not only at the sheer volume of votes; among 100 other aspects it also analyzes the page that casts the vote.
  3. PageRank is based on incoming links, but not just on the number of them - relevance and quality are important.
  4. PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn)). That’s the equation that calculates a page’s PageRank.
  5. Not all links weight the same when it comes to PR.
  6. If you had a web page with a PR8 and had 1 link on it, the site linked to would get a fair amount of PR value. But, if you had 100 links on that page, each individual link would only get a fraction of the value.
  7. Bad incoming links don’t have impact on Page Rank.
  8. Page Rank considers site age, backlink relevancy and backlink duration.
  9. Content is not taken into account when PageRank is calculated.
  10. PageRank does not rank web sites as a whole, but is determined for each page individually.
  11. Each inbound link is important to the overall total. Except banned sites, which don’t count.
  12. PageRank values don’t range from 0 to 10. PageRank is a floating-point number.
  13. Each Page Rank level is progressively harder to reach. PageRank is believed to be calculated on a logarithmic scale.
  14. Google calculates pages PRs once every few months.
  15. Google tries to find pages that are both reputable and relevant.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Google Blackle the Energy Saving Search

Google is testing out black background to save energy in this period of global warming according to Mark Ontkush.

Google claims logging on to Blackle will save 750 MegaWatt of energy because the screen is predominantly black. "Image displayed is primarily a function of the user's color settings and desktop graphics, as well as the color and size of open application windows; a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen,” says Google.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Google Acquired Feedburner

Yeah its true according to TechCrunch, that Google acquired Feedburner, which is a web feed management company. The whole deal was in cash and mostly upfront, although the founders will be locked in for a couple of years.

What cool is taken YouTube, and now Feedburner? Hope they’ll be buying ICANN?

Interesting news for publishers currently running Feedburner’s advertising program because it’s likely that Google might integrate its Adsense contextual ad network with Feedburner.

Feedburner has a large inventory of publishers currently using their services and it would make sense for Google to tap these current users instead of relaunching or promoting Adsense for Feeds, Google’s RSS advertising program which has been in a perpetual closed beta since 2005.

Current Adsense publishers will also have the option of experimenting with feed based monetization. The integration with Adsense might also result in a lower barrier of entry (subscription level) for publishers.

Not to mention that Google will finally be stepping head-on into the RSS advertising industry by allowing it’s Adwords advertisers to purchase feed-based ad campaigns through Feedburner’s current setup.

It’ll be very interesting to see what changes are made in the near future.

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What's new on Gmail?

Just launched!

Increased attachment limit-- 20 MB!

Now you can start sharing more of those home videos, large presentations and files you just can't seem to get smaller. We have doubled the allowable attachment size to 20 MB to make your Gmail space even more useful.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Semi-Automatic approaches to ignore paid links

Matt Cutts has updated his blog post How to report paid links this weekend. The update has a lot more detail on Google's view of paid links.

Sites with paid links may lose their ability to pass link value to other pages

Google may use "semi-automatic approaches to ignore paid links," such as manual reviews, spam reports and so on

Not all paid links are bad, only those that "flow PageRank and attempt to game Google’s rankings"

Examples given of bad paid links include those that have links to pages that are not related and pages hiding the fact that they are paid links

Google still picks up on the two examples above, according to Matt

Google wants spam reports on paid links to better test, confirm and improve their algorithms

Directory links from directories that reject submissions, charge a fee and have quality listings in the directory should be fine

Don't try to hide the links or make them "undetectable," as Google will find them

For more detail check Matt Cutts Blog..!!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Microsoft decided against Google’s Gmail.

The new version of Hotmail launched recently by Microsoft. This new version went online in 36 different languages as part of worldwide launch. Old Users can upgrade on logging into their accounts.

Hotmail having completely new interface, such as that used by Gmail. This shows that Microsoft decided to go against Google’s Gmail. They planned to include several Outlook features.

And one more thing is about the latest threat against Google!

Yes, it is all about Microsoft acquiring Yahoo!

Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo to build their power to fight against Google (the SE giant). But I don’t think this is going to work out for Microsoft or Yahoo… let me know your comments.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Link Popularity in MSN

Today when I was searching Link Popularity in MSN, I was shocked you know why because MSN has discontinued reporting results for the operator 'link:'. As such, we can’t search Link Popularity in MSN. More information regarding their decision is available on the MSN blog.

Then I tried through Marketleap (link popularity tool) and you what same problem there also, it’s not showing result from msn. To get quick result from Google, Yahoo and MSN (total link), Marketleap is the easiest way to find out the Link popularity. But now we won’t get MSN result.

“Link popularity check is to find out who is linking to their site, but also to give a useful benchmarking report to quickly show where you stand in comparison to competitors and other major online players.“

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