Monday, July 9, 2007

Webpage removal request tool From Google

Having Dead Link/Broken Link…? And not finding any way to remove from Google Index…?

Then no need to worry now, yes Google introduced there Public Removal Tool which help us to remove the Dead Link. Dead link is a link which pointing to our website that is no longer available. For example if we click on a dead link, you’ll see 404 error page.

404 error pages comes if a certain page or file could not be found, This usually shown if an Internet address has been misspelled or the requested page has been moved or deleted. The 404 error is a specific error message defined by HTTP, but the layout of the returned page may vary.

If you find pages like this in Google's index, you can remove them by using our Public Removal Tool.

Thru this tool you can Remove outdated or missing webpages, Remove information or images, Report inappropriate content appearing in SafeSearch filtered results.

Now what you need to do is just go to Public Removal Tool link and sign in with your Gmail id, you can then remove three types of content, they include:-

1. Information or image that appears in the Google search results.

2. Outdated or "dead" link in the Google search results that returns a 404 not found error.

3. Inappropriate webpage or image that appears in our SafeSearch filtered results.

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