Thursday, March 15, 2007

Search Engine Marketing tips

Few people have some doubt like why Search Engine Marketing required..? I think because each year more and more people using search engines to research and buy products and services. Search engines are proven marketing channel. So it's a long term strategy and one that really reaps rewards in years ahead.

If you’re thinking that if you make your website attractive or more user-friendly then Search Engine spider will crawl your website, then you’re wrong. Let me tell you that Search Engines are blind, they can't see how we use to see the website; they don't care if your site is more attractive or more user-friendly. Their spiders "see" only text, code, and links and use these to determine your relevance to a specific keyphrase. To succeed in these engines, your site must offer quality content for the keywords that mean the most to your business.

If you want immediate effect then go ahead with a paid marketing. A Paid Placement campaign can help your site achieve its immediate goals.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Want to improve your Blogs PageRank..?

Few tips to improve your Blogs PageRank, The first countermeasure is to increase internal linking throughout your site. That means when you write your new post, be sure to try and include a reference to an older article which is relevant to the one you just wrote. This should be common practice for you anyway, but it’s easily forgotten. Also, make use of tags, as tagging is an extremely easy way to increase internal linking. Make a habit of tagging all of your posts. This will help to bring visitors to your best and most recent articles, which has many benefits alone.

Writing a blog is very easy but becoming famous is very hard.

You have to work hard to get your name out there then chances are there, else your posts will go unread. Here am updating my post with few more tips which people forget to do.

Every body knows Google leads the free internet world. How they like you..? So here give and take rule comes, yes you need to give something back!

Well thing is sitemaps are what you have to give them back. Sitemaps are like links in an xml format defined by w3c. They also have an update and a priority level that comes with it. Using this to your advantage is necessary. Make one. The xml sitemap can be submitted here

As you know Meta Tags and description are the most important things for SEO. They basically describe what that post or page is about for that particular story. Meta description helps search engine to understand about that page, and Meta keywords helps to recognize all the ones that are related words by adding them to the list.

The main part what I believe is Traffic. To get high traffic and better conversion rates is just because of Linking to other blogs. Some people don’t believe in linking with an inferior blog or less page rank. They think that these make there blog worse than what it already is. I do agree that high page rank and quality content blog gives you better result, but don’t ignore new or inferior blog they also have there own traffic and if you link with them you also will get few of there traffic. This will increase your popularity and name. Sounds good right..?

Now the main thing what we all need to do is Brush up your post do some changes on your post…like small polishing…actually Bloggers are lazy, I am a victim of this crime. I never polish my posts. Every time we looks to find new things or new update to post but remember, its these polished blogs that will fetch you your money maker. Little bit of editing could take your blog to the outstanding A+ blog, which is your money maker. So today start revisiting your old posts and undergo whether there has been a growing polished feeling in your posts and compare.

Don’t just blog and forget about it completely! Please use Social Bookmarking also.

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