Thursday, March 15, 2007

Search Engine Marketing tips

Few people have some doubt like why Search Engine Marketing required..? I think because each year more and more people using search engines to research and buy products and services. Search engines are proven marketing channel. So it's a long term strategy and one that really reaps rewards in years ahead.

If you’re thinking that if you make your website attractive or more user-friendly then Search Engine spider will crawl your website, then you’re wrong. Let me tell you that Search Engines are blind, they can't see how we use to see the website; they don't care if your site is more attractive or more user-friendly. Their spiders "see" only text, code, and links and use these to determine your relevance to a specific keyphrase. To succeed in these engines, your site must offer quality content for the keywords that mean the most to your business.

If you want immediate effect then go ahead with a paid marketing. A Paid Placement campaign can help your site achieve its immediate goals.

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