Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update meta tags and blog post url

Having a blog is not important, maintaining and managing your blog, and getting good traffic creates matter. If you use blogger like I do, you should update your Meta tags once in a month. I know sometimes we feel lazy and just let it as it is... I agree that a search engine does not consider Meta keywords tag in ranking calculations and it’s never seen by visitors, but don’t forgot the Meta description tag is visible beneath listings in SERPs.

Your title tags plays a vital role when it comes to Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) so insert some targeted keyword in title tags. It is true that Google does rank dynamic urls as long as you don’t have too many parameters and your parameters don’t look like session variables.

Keyword specific domains and sub domains rank high in search engine algorithm. Search engines look for keywords because of this the keyword in the url suggests that the site contents are related to the keyword. Even visitors like to click the link that contains relevant keywords when they look search results. If suppose you have chosen some other keyword, like I used my name in my blog url so we have other option like BLOG POST URL. Just keep in mind and ensure that keywords should appear in each and every post.

I find some tricks to get good organic search result.

Under Settings -> Archiving, if you have selected “Yes” to “Enable Post Pages”, each of your posts will have a unique web page. Blogger automatically generates the Post URL based on the Title of the Post. The title follows a fixed format:-

There is a limit to the number of characters in the URL. Let's assume you have written a Post about Optimising your website or blog and happily called it “How to optimize your blog and website in easy and seo friendly way.”

Once the Post is published, the Post URL may look like this:-

Based on what we said about SEO, you may get hits from people who want to find out about optimising a website. This is vastly different from your intended visitor profile. One way to get around it is to give the Blog Post a Title that contains the necessary keywords. For instance, name it “Seo Friendly Website and Tips.” Publish your Post and the Post URL will be something like:-

After the Post is published, go back to edit the Post and change the title. You can have a fanciful and yet relevant Post Title. Republish your Post. Even though the Title is changed, the Post URL will remain the same. However, the title that appears in the feed and search engine index will be the new edited title. In a way, you have the best of worlds, a title that you like and a Post URL that contains the keywords for search engine optimization.
That and a good backlink campaign is all you need.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Social Networking Community

After a long break, i got little bit time to update myself, this time found few interesting websites. Information about powerful tool from Web 2.0 websites. 6 websites I found for you here we go.!!!

The main advantage of this website is that we can spread our link on 29 of the best social bookmarking sites in fewer than 15 minutes! It helps those who don’t have time or new to social media promotions.
Like all we know social media websites helps us to get a lot of backlinks and traffics. is really a community driven site or can say a digg-clone site for finding popular deals…They were relying on us to submit and vote on good deals. They want us to provide an easy way for us to share the deal that we find.

Want to view your mails and social networking messages in one convenient location. That should be easy and secure right? is the coolest way to unify your mail from multiple accounts, Email management tool. Most people have multiple accounts with too many logins, too many conflicting interfaces and too little time to check them all. All of this is making it harder to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers. Fuser can help you solve this issue.

ContainU is a Wiki, a website where visitors can add, remove and edit content. Even you can see your IP Address at top side of the homepage, that mean ContainU tracks your IP Address like wiki…so never think about spamming here…It's a tool for mass collaborative efforts. ContainU is an exchange platform enabling web surfers to trade information and opinions in a wide range of subjects. Everybody can express their opinion on People, Products, Business and current events. is an action/extreme sports social networking community. The website features user profiles with photos and video, product reviews, job boards, blogs and more. If you are into action sports, this site was made for you.

Social network application, Meet new people and more online with
Zaplife makes it fun and easy to stay in touch with friends and family as well as meeting new people. Offers simple-to-use interface so you can work with it and customize it to your liking. Express yourself and share your photos and thoughts with the people you meet. Connect with new people or reconnect with old friends and family members. Share with others or keep them private for your viewing pleasure only. It is free to use. Find contents by tags and see what other people are showing the Zaplife community. Check out blog section for more. See this and more stuff at

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