Sunday, September 11, 2011

Change in title tags & snippets of your website in SERPs

While doing research, I have noticed that Google is NOT showing the title tag in the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) for our website. I got shocked and started wondering why this is happening. Why Google is just ignoring our page title tag and displaying their own. I thought Google may be just testing or about to launch some new algorithm. But if it is happening, it could be a scary thought.

Here we go, below is a result when I did a search for “pepper square” query.

Now see for yourself: Try a search for “digital agency bangalore”.
Look at the sixth result:
Notice the title in the SERPs, this is the actual title of the page: “digital agency bangalore, interface design & web development.”

Don’t believe me?  Check the snap shot below:

Google actually altering the title tags we created. Matt Cutts discusses this in a video of Google changing the Title tags and Snippets: - 

I am not finished yet; I started digging bit deeper and found another SERP snippet change. Found another example: now search for “Interactive Agency” and see wikipedia’s snippet description (highlighted below) with a Jump to interactive agencies link.

What will happen if Google will do this kind of updates and ignore the number one factor of on-page optimization the title tags? 

Have you notice this and do you have an example to share with? What is your thought? Please comment.

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