Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friendship on Facebook & 5000 Friends Limit

Is there anyone who could tell me what the meaning of social networking website is? Well today am talking about Facebook, man just now i came to know that you can't reach 5,000(5k) Facebook friends in your profile. Is this called Social Networking??

I think we need to think again about virtual social networking sites. I was figuring out with my friends and one of my colleagues told me that Facebook doesn’t think you can handle or have more than 5k “real” friends on Facebook. So might be coz of that they don’t allow you to have such a huge list of friends.

You know what my concern is, I think people may or may not have more than 5k friends but they have a option to join social networking sites to interact and to add unknown friends whom they don’t know. I mean, these websites are meant to be for that. I know it is their rule; we have to agree with them and the site is not meant to be used for business or spam.

Someone told me to start a fan page. Facebook allows you to have an indefinite number of fans at this time so start a fan page for all your friends to follow you. But guys, am not a big shot or celebrity.

Seems like FB is more about friends and family. Connecting with everyone around you in a very user friendly way through wall posts, pics, vids, chats and even apps are bu!!s@#t. There have been rumors for the last couple of years that they would change it but they haven't yet. Social networking is conquering the Web, and the leader in this growing market is Facebook. I just hope that Facebook eventually releases some official information and I hope they lift this 5k issue.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gmail spam filter problem

I regularly receive spam from the shadan nabegha. I knew that, by clicking that report spam will not only help keep my inbox clean, but it will also potentially keep my inbox cleaner in the future. So I always mark the mail then click on "Report Spam". Well this moves the offending mail to Spam, but does not stop me getting the mails in the first place.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Gmail. Seems like spammers are using trusted Web sites, Web mail and social networking environments to host spam content or my Gmail buttons "Report spam" doesn't work.

I have never visited any sites connected with this promotion, so don't understand how or why I'm getting the mails in the first place. How can you help in the fight? Is there a way of blocking these emails?

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Facebook Down ?

It appears social networking site Facebook is currently out of action. Reports are coming in rapidly that the site is either completely not loading and/or the service is loading very slowly. I am unable to access Facebook currently from multiple Internet connections.

Not even two weeks after its worst outage in over four years, Facebook is down once again.

Even from last couple of days I’ve noticed the facebook is having photo managing problem like when i click upload or view photo nothing happens. I can't upload photos to facebook pages or profile anymore, I keep reading discussion thread after discussion thread, in the facebook help section of so many people with this problem and FB does nothing to solve it. Now i have seen that people started uploading one photo at a time through their wall instead of uploading batches.

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