Monday, August 6, 2007

Google's New META tag

It’s great news for all Search Engine Optimizer. Previously I discussed the Webpage removal tool, but that was for dead link/broken link. This is some how same but different with each other.
Got confused..? Will clear..!!!

Google’s a new META tag which allows us to put in the picture, when a page supposed to be removed from the main Google web search results: the aptly named unavailable_after tag.

For example, to specify that an HTML page should be removed from the search results after 3pm Eastern Standard Time on 25th August 2007; simply add the following tag to the first section of the page:

<META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="unavailable_after: 25-Aug-2007 15:00:00 EST">

This META tag is treated as a taking away request: it will take about a day after the removal date passes for the page to disappear from the search results. Google currently only support unavailable_after for Google web search results.

Starting of the post I told you that this update is different from the webpage removal tool because with the help of these tag we can remove the page from the Google web search but cant delete from there system. So for deleting the page we have to go thru Webmaster tool…

I have few doubt about on this update like instead of GoogleBot can we include other search engines name. I hope that option will also presented soon from all Search Engine’s.

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