Friday, July 27, 2007

Social Media Connecting People with Information

I found new website so thought to share my view. Its related to our blog I mean whenever you find something interesting or new on internet and want to add that to your blog/website then this is a great tool to use. Immediately gives you to update your blog with fresh content.

Now am going to show you the tips to promote your blogs/website, its very straightforward just create your user id and login to Now the main work starts you have to install one tool of clipmarks which help us to clip the content, video or image. There are two browsers where we can install one is Internet Explorer and the other one is Firefox, so choose. After installing it you can see the icon near to address bar.

Now the game starts just go to your website or where ever you want to try. I mean open one website or blogs and click the button right side of address bar, which will show one bar as you can see in orange color.

Now you mouse over to any content or image on the website/blog, which you want to clip and click the mouse button to select. You have just selected the content at this moment if you want to post in clipmarks then you need to save it or if you want to post in blog then click the blog button or else cancel it.

Make sure that all clip what you taking should be public because you’re going to add in global library of interesting things. Don’t forget to add tag or keywords.

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