Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Widget badge its so handy to promote

Now days I am not getting that much time, but here we go again with some new tips of social media promotion. Like I discussed previous about Widgets, its creation and promotion, I found that this tool drives a lots of traffic. So thought to utilize my Widgetbox, to drive traffic.

It’s again simple and easy to promote, only you need to have your own widgets tool. After creatin your own Widget, now what you need to do is click on the Installs On.

You could see at the end of this screen shot, then click to those icon or website where you want to put Widgets, like Typad, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook etc…I agree only few option’s are there to promote, but I think that works like anything to increase subscriptions and website traffic.

No need to worry, if you don’t have more option to promote your website. Here is the solution for that also; after login in to your account there is one banner or alert as i pasted below.

So click the promote option and add the Blidget (blog widget) to your website or blogs. In my opinion its very handy promotional widget badge to your site or blog which allows other to add your widgets on there website or blog.

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