Thursday, June 21, 2007

Widgets Promotion it’s so easy

Rrecently I found information about Widgets RSS feed promotion and the main thing is it’s so easy and simple.

1. Take your blog.
2. Make it into a widget.
3. Share it with the Widgetsphare.

Don’t you think it’s so easy..?

It is..!! Have a look to the below information:-

Log on to widgetbox and enter the URL of your site or blog. Then click the option below –Make my widget’. It’s very user friendly that even a layman can create widget.

After choosing layout, theme and display options, click the publish button at the top of right hand. Register for a new account, and you’ll get two types of codes –Javascript, and flash. Choose either or both of these and simply paste the codes in the widget section the blog.

Look at my RSS Feed Widget.

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