Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anchor Text Optimization

The visible hyperlinked text on the page, the words which are hyper linked to the hidden urls are called Anchor Text Optimization. Most of all this kind of pattern usage has been applied in search engine algorithms to raise the relevance of the "target" or the "landing page" URL for the keywords appearing within the Anchor Text Optimization.

So the inclusion of important keywords in the Anchor Text can make a big difference in the final ranking of your site pages. All search engines that matter, give significant weight to the anchor text on your pages. Google considers Anchor Text Optimization an important pointer to page relevance. Anchor Text Optimization enhances your website's ranking by using the right keywords in Anchor Text Optimization. In fact Google even has a special operator: "allinanchor:keyword", which picks up text only from within the Anchor Text Optimization of indexed pages.

When linking to internal pages, it is better to use the format:
Read all about Anchor Text Optimization Optimization.
Instead of
Read all about Anchor Text Optimization Optimization here.

Keywords within the Anchor Text Optimization are equally useful from links pointing to your website. If you are pursuing or considering a link building campaign, put some serious thought in writing multiple options of the title and description of the link pointing to your website.
The "title" which is usually used as the hyper-linked text, should contain your important keywords. It is good to work with ten different options of title and description as it not only gives you more room to play with several keywords, but it also helps search engines give you a wider keyword coverage.
When soliciting external links, it is better to provide your own "cut and paste" HTML code. Webmasters like it when a ready to paste HTML code is available for them to use, to provide a link to your website.
Links from external sites help your site to gain relevance for keywords mentioned in the Anchor Text Optimization which boosts your site's ranking. As the number of such inbound links increase, so will your site's ranking in SERPs.
Anchor Text Optimization therefore comes on top of the checklist in your SEO initiatives.

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