Monday, May 23, 2011

Article Marketing Strategy Secrets

Article Marketing and BloggingArticle marketing and blogging can be a perfect match if you do it right. Getting traffic from articles is a great way to get, blog visitors, or just great targeted traffic to your website.

This blog post contains the basic steps involved in creating an "Article Marketing" campaign and the effective way to recycle old blog posts.

Here are few more simple steps to take when spinning an old blog post into a new article.

  1. Write Articles on topic you're familiar with, or Re-purpose older blog posts into articles.
  2. Find an older blog post that performed well - older posts that were popular with your readers, attracted a lot of comments and got a decent amount of social buzz.
  3. Create an outline based on the post- Write down the main points of the old blog post, add any new points you can think of, and create an outline for a new article. Try switching up the format to make sure it’s completely different from the original.
  4. Write according to the outline, not the old post - Always make sure that quality content should always be your first concern for Search Engine. Once you have created an outline, stick to it. This way, your new article will have a life of it's own, even though it’s based on an old piece of content.
  5. Insert one or more links to build more backlinks and attract more visitors to your blog.
  6. Double check to ensure there is no duplicate content - Feel free to double check your new content with duplicate content tool.
  7. Create Article Marketing Strategy.
  8. Promote your articles - now broadcast your articles to hundreds of sites and create an abundance of good back links to your blog.
  9. I strongly recommend you to convert Article into a PDF file and submit the PDF file to document sharing sites.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions. I'm happy to help! You can email me by the "Contact Me" link right here on this page.

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  5. Thanks for the read Marsha, Hemraj and Vani. Have you ever spun an old blog post into an article for marketing?

  6. I believe your opening statement of "if done right" is key here. So many people say article marketing does not add value but it really does!

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