Friday, September 24, 2010

How to start a small local SEO business

Few days back, me and one of my friend were discussing on, how to hook clients from local market to increase business. As we all know for professional like search engine optimiser (SEO), the field is wide open as far as clients are concerned. But have you ever wondered how to get local domestic client?

Well everyone needs to get some quick client’s. Here lemme tell you, how can you get started in this industry and also how can you build a customer/client.

Some client will have a website, others will not at all. There are lots of approaches to contacting these businesses. I suggest you to find 20 businesses that you would like to approach. You have to go and find them by yourself.

Now you need to set aside an entire day, say about 30-45 min for each business. Look for their website, their profile and check for a few simple basic SEO things, such as optimized title and header tags, w3c validation, content needs, backlinks, etc. and write up a few points for each business.

Next step is to list out their major keywords, for that you can use keyword site scan feature for each business. Keywords should be 2-4 words in length that you would think that most people would use if they were looking for their service. Be sure to include the name of their business and their domain name, remember this will help them to rank in local search.

Use IBP, web ceo or run a keyword ranking report and see how they fare in the rankings, and print out this report. Be sure to do your homework on local search, and know what things they could do to jump into local search, but more importantly you need something, that makes you stand out from the rest of the herd, so they know why they should.

Spend the next day visiting these businesses and talking to owners and managers (be sure to bring business cards, dress nice & should look professional). Tell them you specialize in search marketing and whatever your niche is, and have a few tips to help their business to grab business leads. Listen first & see what their needs are and what they are doing about them, if anything. Give them your SEO suggestions for their site and the ranking report, and do it in a no obligation way. Briefly tell them what your services could do to help them out, and ask if they are interested in discussing it further.
If the business does not have a website, suggest how a website could help them. Even if you don’t design websites, you can work with a business or individual that does and offer it as a service along with your SEO services.

Of course there is much more work involved than this, but these steps you can start on today to get yourself ahead in the growing field of SEO.

Ask yourself, why anyone would choose you over anyone else. If you can come up with an attention grabbing answer then success is assured.

In the end, work hard for all of your clients, going much further than giving them 100% in the beginning until you can prove to them that you know what you’re doing and can bring results. Those clients will begin recommending your services to other clients, and your business will continue to grow, eventually outside of your local area. The goal should be that you are the only choice; second-best would be to show you are the strongest candidate.

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