Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Keep Clients Happy

Few tips which can make your clients happy!

Approach for Details: Build your Customer Questionnaire to get enough details or information from the client regarding the website like their primary keywords, geo target regions, and main competitors etc. This helps you to set your clients project goals to chase!

SEO Process: Update your clients about SEO process and the amount of time it’s gonna take to get listed on major Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They must know that getting in organic search is a long time process. Help them understand the process and show them the results you have achieved over the period. Your SEO weekly or monthly report will help them understand that you are capable enough to bring site top in SERP. So be detailed in your reports and also it should be the best one :)

Take Initiatives: If it’s a promotional season and it’s an e-commerce website inform the clients to run a campaign having a discount in the website before the competitors do that. Deliver a best result by optimizing banner and landing page. Well in few cases you may not have the access on the website to make changes and you have to depend on the client himself, in such cases inform them the importance of implementing campaign at the earliest.

Deliverables: Make sure you’re delivering all possible project results like Traffic/Hits, Keyword ranking, Goal Conversion etc. Always use the best web analytics software to provide all possible traffic results.

Last thing what I would like to say is help them to understand SEO report, spend some time with them via phone or the best possible way to make them understand. Remember – “Success of the project will depend on client satisfaction”. Having a healthy and happy relationship with the client is all about! So maintain your client relationships and sing along…

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