Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dont say sorry

Short time ago I was thinking about why a person says sorry..? In relationships sooner or later we all say & do dumb things not out of meanness, but because of frustration, stress or any number of other emotions. It depends again on what you were sorry for, and your real intent behind what you said or did.

Socially it can become a real pain in the ass. I play volleyball and I play with someone I don't want to say sorry when mistakenly I smash the ball on net. I say I'm sorry one time to my partners at the beginning of the match and then I never say it again.

Whatever, it seems that just saying sorry isn't always enough. I'm not suggesting this strategy in your relationships, but you might want to develop some similar tactics or rules regarding this issue so you can avoid any negative outcomes.

Well today i just thought like to write something different, its not at all related to SEO. Hope very soon am gonna come up with some new post on online promotion.

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