Friday, April 27, 2012

21 Landing Page Optimization Tactics

The best 21 checklist to optimize your landing page.
  1. Does your landing page have multiple offers for a visitor to choose from?
  2. Does your landing page get targeted traffic? (from PPC campaigns, search queries, etc.)
  3. Do you think most visitors on the landing page are actively interested for your offering?
  4. Does your landing page contain a screenshot, demo or sample of what is being offered?
  5. Is there a clear, concise and prominent headline which describes benefits to the visitor?
  6. Does your landing page lists benefits (not features) in the first paragraph?
  7. Is your landing page long? (more than 2 pages)
  8. Do you offer anything for free on your landing page?
  9. Is there more than one call to action (or possible next steps) on the landing page?
  10. Is your call to action large in size as compared to other elements on page?
  11. Is color of your call to action different than other elements on the page?
  12. Does your call to action contain persuasive text (as opposed to generic "Submit" or "Click Here")?
  13. Is your call to action below the page fold?
  14. Does your landing page have more than 3 outgoing links?
  15. Is your call to action and ad-copy (benefits, headline, etc.) located close to each other?
  16. Is your landing page spread across multiple steps/pages?
  17. Does your landing page requires a lot of information to be filled?
  18. Does your landing page contain testimonials (or logos) from existing customers?
  19. Does your landing page shows proof of benefits (that you promise)?
  20. Do you prominently display icons/images to assure safety and security of data?
  21. Is your landing page on HTTPS (secure protocol)?

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